by Serena Sato, Director of Marketing

I believe this is the 3rd year in a row that I have, with the help of others, hosted a SERRV Sale. This time was by far the easiest! I can’t believe how smoothly it came together.

Since I happen to have insider knowledge on what is selling well at SERRV, I was tempted to choose items I was most familiar with. Luckily, my husband reminded me that our community certainly may not match what is selling best across the country. That was great advice, and so I took a different approach as I went through the consignment catalog…a few repeat items that sold quickly at previous sales, various products at lower price points, and then just a few higher priced point items that were simply beautiful.

Fun for all ages!

My sons and a friend of theirs helped me carefully unpack all of the items, check them off the invoice (it was 100% accurate, by the way), and repack them to carry to the sale location. That didn’t take long at all, and was super fun. It is great to how excited the kids are about not only Divine Chocolate but also the handcrafts and discovering what countries the products come from. My older son has become my key co-host and is a great help. Once he suggested that I post our sale poster to face out the front glass door rather than inward, to invite people who may pass by the church rather than just those who are already inside – a great reminder to also think of this as a local outreach activity. As you can tell, it is meaningful to me to share this time and experience with him.

Getting crafty

I took the advice of another SERRV Sale host and cut out photos and descriptions of (almost all) of the items and pasted them on index cards to have on display at the sale. I did the same with artisan stories. This took a little while, but was a simple craft project which I think boosted sales – many people asked to take those cards along with their purchases and it helped me be prepared to answer questions.

Most of my order sold during one weekend, then I sold a few more at a different location the following weekend, one item to a neighbor and yes, two items to myself (there is no way we could part with that adorable cat door draft stopper once it had been in our home).  All-in-all we sold just over $650 worth of products and only returned two items. Yaay! I am glad that we could volunteer in this way and that my small church has an opportunity to directly support fair trade.

Shopping for a good cause!

It’s not too late for you to decide to host a SERRV Sale this holiday season. Just call us at 1.800.423.0071 or email and we would love to help. Feel free to contact me directly if you have a question for me, at Thank you!

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