Early morning field trip!

By: Meghan Roberts, Marketing Associate

There are only a few things I will wake up before 5am for but the short trip to Sussex, WI to see our fall catalog hit the presses at Quad Graphics is definitely one of them. I’ve heard co-workers and friends talk about how impressive Quad’s facilities are but I was still surprised at how enormous it is- with buildings that stretch for blocks, printers the size of my house, and robots and fork-lifts moving a mile-a-minute. It is no-wonder they are the name of printing in the US.

Serena and I had a chance to tour the plant to see how pieces are printed, sorted, stacked, and mailed. It was truly remarkable to watch them in action. We were especially excited because we had a chance to see SERRV’s fall catalog roll through the presses!

For the last 12 months, SERRV product development and marketing teams have been working hard to piece together our latest book. We are really excited for the new collection and can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, here are a few photos of our early morning adventure… Enjoy!

Press in action
Checking color
Fall catalog flying off the presses
Our turn on press
Trimming the catalogs

Long walk to the presses

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