Meet me in St Louis… Louis.

By Meghan Roberts, SERRV Marketing team

Meet me at the fair. Don’t tell me the lights are shining, anyplace but there…

And the lights really were shining down on STL for the Church of the Brethren’s Annual Conference. Thousands of SERRV fans traveled to the heart of the Midwest for a week of connection and reflection with their COB peers. Here are just a few of the photos we snapped in the midst of all the fair trade fun…

Pam, LynAnne, and “The Dude” from Plowsharing Crafts STL
Delicious fair trade coffee from Mexico, Peru, and Haiti (Check out for info on other blends and our tea selection)
Strike up the band! These colorful, fair trade instruments are bound to put a spring in your step
Shopping for the perfect fair trade gift….
Baskets, & scarves, & bags… Oh My! We’ve got it all- There isn’t anything you won’t find at a SERRV Sale
Hard to resist the fairly-traded baking mixes from the Women’s Bean Project and the snacks from PARC, but the greatest temptation… DIVINE CHOCOLATE:)
It all about those smiles:)
Fair Trade is more than just a product… It’s a mission

For additional information about hosting a fair trade sale in your community, check out the Volunteer Sales page on our website.

Interested in seeing additional photos from the COB’s 2012 Annual Conference? See more photos here.

One thought on “Meet me in St Louis… Louis.”

  1. The little frames for displaying the artisan stories are really great – do you have these available to order? Thanks!

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